What is the advantage of your three-ply shell?
The way Drummers Dream shells are made is by a process unlike any shell on the market; they are an exact cylinder, the height and circumference is true geometrically. They are extremely stable, strong and very musical.

Why are there no reinforcing rings in your shells unlike the three-ply shells of the past?
Old three-ply shells were made of three-layer plywood sheets, which were heated and forced into a round shape. This changed the character of the wood fiber and weakened the shell; therefore, reinforcing rings were necessary to provide strength roundness to the drum.
Drummers Dream shells are not made the way drums in the past were made; as a result, each shell is so strong that they cannot be flexed out of round. Deleting the reinforcing rings improves the sound.

How long does it take to make a custom shell?
Generally it takes between 2-3 weeks for a plain shell, additional processes (bearing edges, snare beds, drilling and fitting hardware, and finishing) can add to the manufacturing time and the cost.

What can I expect to pay for shipping?
Usually for a plain shell it costs approximately $25.00, depending on weight and size of package, and destination.

What is your base price for a plain raw, lightly sanded (no bearing edges or snare beds, no finish) shell?
Our plain, bare shells sawn to size start at $125.00; extras such as exotic woods, bearing edges, snare beds, drilling and fitting hardware and finishing, add to the cost. A detailed list of costs can be found on the Services Page.

Can you give a quote for a custom ordered shell?
Yes, we would be happy to give estimates based on a customer’s specifications.

Do you require a deposit on custom orders?
We request half of the total for a custom ordered shell.