(*NEW ARRIVAL*) (Moroccan – Professional) Najat Kaanache & Elisabet Bruna Güell. Najat

(*NEW ARRIVAL*) (Moroccan – Professional) Najat Kaanache & Elisabet Bruna Güell. Najat




NAJAT is a superbly written and illustrated exploration of personal Moroccan cuisine by world acclaimed chef, Najat Kaanache. The book transports us through its colorful recipes, deep stories and wonderful photographs to the Moroccan mountains to harvest morels, to the sea to catch octopus and sardines, and to the medina of Fez to find herbs and spices for marinades, to build a kitchen full of flavors, colors and aromas that represent their country, weaving cultural, personal and historical anecdotes to give a complete flavor to Moroccan cuisine.

Najat Kaanache’s vibrant personality shines through in every dish, making NAJAT a deeply personal work of the “pilgrim chef,” offering magical and modern recipes, stories with fascinating undertones and stunning photographs that, in addition to opening the treasure Moroccan cuisine, share the story of how Najat Kaanache worked tirelessly to become an internationally acclaimed chef. “Najat Kaanache represents the soul of Morocco through the language of the kitchen. His passion for creativity and innovation must be a reference for an entire country.” (Ferran Adria)


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