The shell is the most important part of any drum; the sound quality produced by   any instrument comes from the materials and construction technique used in its fabrication. Our shells are very similar to the 3-ply shells made by the Gretsch Company during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Our shells are made through a proprietary process that produces perhaps the strongest, roundest, best sounding ¼ inch   snare drum shell available today!
All layers used in our shells are sawn from the finest solid hardwoods; the inner and outer layers which run horizontally are milled to a full 1/16 inch. The vertical center layer is made of heartwood poplar and is finished to ⅛ inch. The ends are scarf jointed resulting in a shell so strong and round that no reinforcing rings are needed.
Because of our many years in the woodworking trade, we have access to many fine hardwoods. If we don’t have it in stock, every effort will be made to find it.   We strive for our customers complete satisfaction.
Handmade items are different than mass produced products, they have a unique quality that separates them from the generic. This is especially true in musical instruments; the evidence is in the sound and endurance of the finished product. This can be attributed to many things, quality of materials, construction methods and the personalized attention to detail.
Drummers Dream shells have a full round sound
with outstanding resonance and bright articulated projection, and are an enduring interest for any serious musician. Let us build the drum of your dreams—sound above all else!